воскресенье, 11 октября 2015 г.

What a wonderful artist!

So now you know that I’m fond of three things: cuisine, reading and animals. But there’s a superhero in this story – cityscape modern art! It makes my day when I feel sad or lonely. I often visit exhibitions or just look through paintings in online galleries. That’s how I found out about Leonid Afremov. The way this artist depicts my native city really impressed me!

Eternal source of inspiration

Everybody has heard of Paris. Millions of tourists come here to walk the same streets as Edith Piaf, kiss on the Eiffel Tower or listen to street musicians. There is something special about this piece of land that continues to attract writers, singers and actors. So many cityscape artists have depicted Paris on their canvases. But what I like about Leonid Afremov is his original painting manner:

  • He uses vivid colors, so every picture of his gives the impression of a holiday.
  • As a creative person, the artist sees Paris in his own way. He adds novelty to a pretty used up image of the city.
  • The cityscape art by Afremov will make you wanna travel the very second you say ‘Wow!’ It calls for action and adventures!

Do you like France? Leonid does!

When I look at oil paintings by this artist, it seems I’ve never been to Paris. However, it’s interesting that every person has a different vision of this place. We might guess that when Leonid was here, he loved the city so much that he decided to produce a series of works showing not only the beauty of France, but the painter’s emotions while staying here as well. As a result, you won’t find any dull cityscape in Afremov’s gallery! All pictures are as exciting as the moment of getting presents on New Year! And as positive as Disney cartoons watched by adults and children alike! It happens when you visit such marvelous country as ours! I hope I convinced you to take a look at awesome works of art by Leonid Afremov. They are even better than you can imagine!

среда, 7 октября 2015 г.

Have a pet – you won’t regret!

Of course, I love my job and my clients. But when I come home, the party is over and I need to occupy myself with something else. So I read newspapers online. They make me think about lots of important things that happen in the world during my working day. Besides, you can find piles of curious information about the environment, art and social life there. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/02/movies/a-film-festival-on-four-legs-its-not-what-you-think.html?ref=arts&_r=0 – this article, for example, tells about the first New York Dog Film Festival. It represented 40 short films, dedicated to relationship between a dog and a human. We have been living together for so long that animals have become members of our families! Those who can’t have children buy a pet to take care of it instead. Others just want to have a pretty toy at home. And sometimes animals treat you better than people. My cat is my real friend. She always sits beside the door, waiting till I come back from work. When I enter the apartment, she rubs against my legs and leads me to the kitchen, hinting that if I don’t feed her right now, she’s gonna eat me. I found Marie two years ago when she was a kitten. Since that time she’s become the second owner of my ap. I don’t feel bored with her, especially when she decides to climb another curtain in the kitchen or steals a sandwich from my plate. So if your child asks you to get him a pet, don’t say no at once! It’s a lot of fun!

суббота, 3 октября 2015 г.

Bonjour le monde!

Hi, I’m Monique Bouvet from France. And no, I don’t eat frog legs every day! In fact, I cook them. Yep, I’m a chef. I work in a small restaurant called ‘Picasso’ which was built on the site of an abandoned building. Our competitors used to tell scary stories about ghosts who decided to stay at our place, but nobody believes their tales. My boss has put a lot of money into the restaurant, making it the work of his whole life. And all his efforts weren’t in vain – his business prospers! So if by chance you are in Paris, come and see us!